My Role

UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer, Branding & Identity



Sketch, Figma, Invision, Balsamiq, Maze, Usability Hub, Draw.io

Design Phases & Deliverables



User Surveys, User Research, Competitive Analysis & Strategy


Information Architecture

User Personas & Flows, Site Map, Low­-Fi Wireframes & Testing


Visual Design

Logo Design, Style Guides, High­-Fi Wireframes & Testing

fitness_center cloud_queue


There is so much to improve in the cloud storage space. The user experience is competitive in both the consumer and business marketplace. Ferrari Fitness wants to give the fitness industry a solution that will focus on Personal Trainers and their Clients and allow them flexibility in their fitness training and nutrition programs.



Cloud users want a storage solution that has a focus. Fitness professionals have problems with the current cloud storage technologies because they are not catered to meet their needs.

sentiment_very_dissatisfied Current cloud technologies can get cluttered

sentiment_very_dissatisfied There is no niche cloud storage solution dedicated to the fitness industry

sentiment_very_dissatisfied Trainers want to be able to coach clients that are mobile



Ferrari Fitness allows Trainers to design fitness programs for their clients no matter where they travel in the world. This application will allow trainers to be more efficient and increase revenue and grow their business.

sentiment_very_satisfied Catered for the growing fitness industry market

sentiment_very_satisfied The fitness cloud storage is a lot less cluttered than other competitors such as Google drive

sentiment_very_satisfied Alternative for Clients who can not afford 1 on 1 training with a Personal Trainer and for Clients on travel




Discovery Phase

The Process of our design began with understanding the market and our potential end-users. We conducted User Surveys and Competitive Analysis to ensure our solution will satisfy our stakeholders. Below are some of the results from our interviews and surveys.

63.2% of users stated a fitness cloud storage app would be useful for their lives.

84.2% of users have not used a cloud storage app for their fitness needs. This lets us know there is a clear untapped market potential for our app.

Google was the most common app used with 89.5% of users having tried the cloud storage app

61.1% of users stated Google Drive was their favorite app to use


Key Takeaways from User Surveys & User Research

vpn_key 89.5 % of users surveyed have tried Google Drive
vpn_key 63.2 % of users are willing to try a fitness cloud storage app
vpn_key 61.1 % of users prefer Google Drive over other cloud storage devices
vpn_key 84.2 % of users have not used cloud storage for their fitness needs

Competitive Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Key Takeaways from Competitive Analysis

vpn_key Dropbox was one of the first companies in cloud storage
vpn_key Google is taking away market share because of brand recognition
vpn_key Google offers more free space than any other competitor
vpn_key Box is catered to business enterprise users


Key Takeaways from the Discovery phase

In order to succeed in the cloud storage space, Ferrari Fitness would have to create a niche market. Google is the dominant player in the market, but they have a huge flaw. Google can get very cluttered and has a broad focus.

vpn_key 61.1% said Google was their favorite cloud storage app
vpn_key Google Drive is a huge player in the market
vpn_key Google Drive does not focus on a niche market


Information Architecture

Once we concluded the Discovery phase we felt comfortable to move on to the Information Architecture phase. Below are the deliverables created.

  • Amanda
  • Age: 24
  • Occupation: Product Manager

  • Bio: Amanda is a recent grad from Stanford and is very motivated to move up in her career. She recently started working for a top tech company and has to work long hours.

  • Motivation: Amanda is a driven individual who likes to stay fit and track all of her fitness and nutrition progress. She needs to stay fit in order to be efficient in her corporate career.

  • Goals: Amanda wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle with fitness and nutrition and keep her body in peak performance. She needs to stay focused on work and rely on Personal Trainers for her fitness and nutrition goals.

  • Frustrations: Amanda travels a lot and does not always have time to see her Personal Trainer. She needs someone to stay on top of her fitness and nutrition goals.
  • Tom
  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: Personal Trainer

  • Bio: Tom is a fitness junkie and enjoys living an active lifestyle. He is a world traveler and enjoys meeting new people. He loves his job and helping people achieve their fitness and nutritional goals.

  • Motivation: Tom is a elite Personal Trainer and is always looking for new ways to keep his clients enganged and focused on their fitness and nutrition programs.

  • Goals: Tom wants to grow his business and become the best Personal Trainer he can be. He wants to use technology to manage and grow his business.

  • Frustrations: Tom has a lot of clients that are constantly traveling. He only gets paid for live training sessions. He would like a way to stay in touch with his clients no matter where they are. Tom also wants to take on new clients that can not take his live training sessions.

User Stories

User Stories

User Flows

User Flows

Site Map

Wireframes & Lo-Fi Mockups


Key Takeaways from Information Architecture and Low-Fi Testing

vpn_key We prioritized the creation and modification of Fitness Plans for Personal Trainers

vpn_key During low-fi testing over 76% of users had an easy time navigating the prototypes

vpn_key We decided we needed the call to action button to be above the fold to make it easier for the user to see



For branding, we started off with mind mapping and hand-drawn sketches for the logo. Ferrari means "blacksmith" in Italian and is similar to the founders name "Faraz".

The Logo Design took many iterations for us to come to a finalized solution. After testing the logo with users we decided that the final logo was the most easily readable by users and kept an aesthetic feel Ferrari Fitness was looking for. The logo looks like a bull it represents the growth and the bullish drive needed to stick to a fitness program.


Visual Design

Once we conducted our research we felt comfortable to move on to the Information Architecture phase

Hi-Fi Mockups & Testing

Maze Testing


Key Takeaways from Hi-Fi Testing

vpn_key During Hi-Fi testing we found 80% of users were able to use the prototype with ease. So we felt comfortable in moving forward with our design.

vpn_key During testing, users had trouble finding the sign-up button on the original design because it was below the fold. We adjusted that and added some additional changes for our users. 86.7% of users preferred the finalized landing page over the original design.

vpn_key Users felt the original pictures describing the product did not match the theme of the site. 92.7% of users preferred the new pictures.

vpn_key The footer of the landing page was adjusted after user feedback stating it was not appealing and hard to read. 96.8% of users preferred the new pictures.

vpn_key During testing users also described how they wanted to see client testimonials, so we added that to our final design.

Landing Page

We started off with two hero images then we decided one was enough. We increased the real estate of the image, rearranged the logo, and made the call-to-action button appear above the fold.



Fitness Program

For the Fitness Program, we realized the blue boxes created an illusion grid that was hard on the eyes on users. We decided longer columns were going to be easier on the eyes and allowed for more text to be visible.




For the prices, we decided to put the price packages on a card that will be easily readable for the users. We also cleaned up the footer so that users can reach our social media icons more easily.





What worked?

User Testing provided essential feedback on what to change going forward. Figma is a great designtool to use if working on non-Mac devices,but Sketch is still superior. Maze is a great way to do A/B and preference testing to get metrics for design.

What didn’t work?

Trying to work with Sketch when you have to work across different on Windows and Mac computers. To solve this we used Figma as well.

What I learned? In the future...

Test early and often. Use Figma if working across various OS systems. Ensure the design is readable to all users. Something may seem easy to read for the designer, but after testing, we can see what is the truth.